Hello World

A brief introductory note.

Hello and welcome to my personal website/blog. I'm Jon Sustar. I am a software developer working mainly with Python and Django. A couple of years ago I started up my own consulting business, Zapstar Solutions, which has been a wonderful experience... So far!

I started my development career in high school writing web scraping scripts for a local startup, went on to get a degree in Computer Engineering, dabbled in .NET development after graduation, and then discovered Python and Django. And I have not tired of it! This puts me at ~19 years of development experience and ~14 years of Python and Django experience!

A goal I had for myself before 2022 began (not a typo) was that I'd start a personal website for myself where I could publish tricks of the trade that I've learned over the years. In my various roles, I end up teaching a variety of different folks on a variety of different topics, and so why not start publishing for the world to read as well? Well, 2022 came and went, and now it's 2023... So here we are! My very first post! Only 12 months late!

Thanks for stumbling upon this little website of mine. If you have any questions, comments, or topics that you'd like me to cover, don't hesitate to send me an email at jon@zapstarsolutions.com.

A robot waving hello in front of a beautiful sunrise, very detailed, realistic photo (StableDiffusion)